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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer options drawings are floor plans or sketches that show the various options and modifications buyers can choose for their home, such as layout changes or specific finishes.

These drawings are usually created by architects or designers, and they show the standard layout of a home with possible modifications based on the buyer’s choices.

Modifications vary, but may include changes in the layout, materials, colors, appliances and other aspects of the home.

These drawings are often created after a buyer has purchased a home and begins personalizing certain aspects of the design.

In general, buyers’ options drawings are intended as a visual representation of choices and can serve as a reference, but they are not necessarily binding. Ultimate specifications are often set forth in a contract.

Buyers often communicate their choices during consultations with the builder or developer, selecting specific options based on what is shown in the drawings.

Buyer options drawings can affect the construction schedule because any modifications must be integrated into the construction process. The exact impact depends on the nature of the options chosen.

If a buyer changes their mind, this could lead to revisions to the drawings and possibly additional costs, depending on the stage of construction.

Yes, buyer options drawings are often common in new construction projects, where buyers are given the opportunity to customize their home to their preferences.

Before looking at the drawings, it is helpful to understand the options available and what modifications are possible. In addition, it is important to understand the terms surrounding changes to the contract.


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