Expansion drawing: realize your dream space with precision

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some financial institutions may request detailed build-out drawings as part of the loan process.

An extension enlarges an existing space inside the house, while an addition adds an entirely new space.

Consider incorporating good insulation, energy-efficient windows and sustainable building materials to improve energy efficiency.

Alternatives may include a glass extension, conservatory or modular extensions, depending on aesthetic and functional needs.

Minor modifications are often possible, but larger changes may require revision of drawings and possibly new permits.

Consider using large windows, skylights or even skylights to maximize natural light in the extension.

Consult with neighbors, consider the aesthetics of the street and make sure the extension fits the architecture of the row house.

Yes, design the extension with French doors or sliding doors to create a seamless transition between inside and outside.

Common problems include failure to comply with building codes, inadequate communication with professionals and overestimating available space.

Yes, it is possible to install an extension on a house with a flat roof. An architect can advise on appropriate designs and construction methods.


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