Funda drawing: Make your property listing more attractive

Most Frequently Asked Questions

A Funda drawing is a floor plan or sketch of a property used on Funda, a popular Dutch real estate website, to give potential buyers a clear picture of the property’s spatial layout.

A Funda drawing should include the layout of rooms, doors, windows, dimensions and any special features of the home.

Funda often offers the ability to upload floor plans while placing a home ad. Follow the instructions on the website for uploading your drawing.

Funda has specific guidelines for drawings, including scale, clear dimensions and recognizable representation of rooms.

No, Funda drawings are usually graphic floor plans without photos. However, you can add images separately to your property listing.

Errors may include inaccurate dimensions, missing space designations and unclear symbols. Make sure your drawing meets Funda guidelines.

Provide an organized and attractive drawing with clear labels. Consider using colors to distinguish different spaces.


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