Ridge raising drawing: An essential step toward your perfect roof extension

Most Frequently Asked Questions

A ridge elevation is an extension of the top floor of a house, where the ridge of the roof is raised to create additional living space.

In many cases, a permit is required. Consult local building codes or engage a specialist to review requirements.

Ridge elevation drawings include floor plans, sections and details of the ridge elevation, including dimensions and material specifications.

The time varies depending on the complexity, but it may take several weeks to complete the drawings.

Costs vary, but on average they range between €1,000 and €3,000, depending on the draftsman and the size of the ridge rise.

A ridge elevation creates additional space on the top floor, increasing living space without expanding the first floor.

Sometimes there are grant opportunities, depending on the region and type of work. Check local grants and conditions.

Minor modifications are sometimes possible, but major changes can affect permits and construction requirements.


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