Remodeling: A new look and value for your home

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Remodeling drawings are detailed plans that show how an existing space will be modified or altered during a remodeling project.

In many cases, remodeling drawings are required, especially if the remodel involves structural changes or affects the building structure.

An architect and a designer can both create remodeling drawings, but an architect usually has broader training in structural engineering and building codes.

Remodeling drawings contain symbols, dimensions and notations. A legend is usually provided to explain the meaning of the symbols used.

Costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the project and the rates of the professional doing the drawings.

Yes, even with remodeling drawings, it is often necessary to apply for a building permit, depending on the nature and extent of the remodel.

Yes, if changes are needed during project implementation, the drawings can be revised. However, any changes must be in accordance with applicable building codes.


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