Split drawing: make your property listing more attractive

Most Frequently Asked Questions

A subdivision drawing, also known as a subdivision plan, shows the layout of a multi-unit building and shows the distribution of rooms and common facilities.

A subdivision drawing is essential with apartments to clearly show the individual units, common areas and property division, especially when selling or renting.

A surveyor, architect, or specialized real estate professional can often create subdivision drawings, depending on local regulations.

A subdivision drawing highlights the individual units within a building, including their dimensions, boundaries and the distribution of common areas.

Required information includes each unit’s layout, area, location of walls, doors, windows and common facilities.

In many cases, it is mandatory to have a subdivision drawing when selling an apartment to provide potential buyers with clarity about the ownership structure.

Common problems include inaccurate measurements, incomplete information on common areas and failure to comply with local regulations.

Costs vary based on complexity and the professional you hire, but on average they range between €500 and €2000.

Turnaround time varies, but it can take from several days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the building and the availability of professionals.


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