Sales drawing: increase the market value of your property

Most Frequently Asked Questions

A sales drawing is a visual representation of a property, usually a floor plan or sketch, used to give potential buyers a clear idea of the property’s spatial layout and features.

You can use online tools or graphics software to create your own sales drawing, focusing on the home’s strengths.

A sales drawing should include the layout of rooms, dimensions, location of doors, windows and important features of the home.

Yes, some software and tools offer the ability to add 3D elements, which can improve visualization for potential buyers.

Neutral and light colors are often recommended because they give a sense of space and freshness, but it also depends on the style of the home and the target audience.

You can share the drawing through online sales platforms, brokerage websites, social media or during physical viewings.

Common mistakes include exaggerating spaces, ignoring shortcomings and not highlighting unique features.

Use standard units of measurement such as meters or feet and provide clear scales to avoid confusion.


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